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A world without clergy burnout

Be Still bnb is a travel platform facilitating rest and renewal around the world through guests’ temporary withdrawal from daily life and responsibilities.

…like Airbnb or Vrbo, but with a God-given purpose. The Be Still experience encourages and enables Sabbath rest for Christian Church leaders by providing free stays at Be Still bnb short-term rental destinations everywhere through LodgeLovers.com.

Who we serve

We are passionate about supporting Christ-led, Bible following church leaders and missionaries. Be Still bnb membership is reserved strictly for those who share the beliefs shown in our statement of faith. We are unapologetically transparent about our beliefs and are careful to support leaders holding the same. This is critical for hosts to trust that all accessing their listing share our faith. While some likely hold different theological interpretations, offering the space to connect with God presents opportunities for transformation. Membership is currently limited to pastors and full-time missionaries. Please contact us if you have any questions!

From the heart of Be Still

A Change of Perspective: Seeing Through God’s Eyes

October 5, 2023|

Communication plays a pivotal role in any endeavor, yet sometimes despite our best efforts, it seems impossible to get through to certain individuals. This was precisely the situation we encountered when a particular group booked […]

Pause with purpose: Impacting communities with Lodge Lovers

August 30, 2023|

In a world that’s constantly on the move, travel isn’t just about visiting new places; it’s about experiencing the heartbeat of humanity, connecting with diverse cultures, and leaving a positive footprint wherever we […]

Where your heart’s generosity finds purpose.

August 22, 2023|

Welcome to a place where your heart’s generosity finds purpose. Your presence here reveals:
· A generous heart.
· A commitment to stewarding your treasure wisely.
· A concern for Christ’s Church leaders.
You are one of us. Join […]

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A turn-key solution to complex needs…

As we took steps to develop an online platform, to the likes of Airbnb, from the ground up, we were faced with significant costs. We have partnered with Lodge Lovers to bring a God-honoring component to what they are already doing for profit. Lodge Lovers welcomed us to their organization and are adapting their technology to accommodate our carefully-planned functionality. For just a fraction of the cost of building from scratch we’re integrating into their existing platform!

In our own lanes…but moving fast…

Lodge Lovers will continue onboarding hosts and their amazing customer service team will help those wishing to bless Church leaders prepare for bookings. Be Still will handle onboarding Church leaders and providing “rest resources” for those being served.

Hosting on Lodge Lovers is easy, and Lodge Lovers is the only platform that offers incentives to those who donate nights to clergy. You can reduce your service fee by up to 1% on listings participating in Be Still bnb! Here’s a tutorial on how to get your property listed and fighting clergy burnout in 10 minutes.