Churches play a key role in the concept of Be Still bnb.

Why churches?

We’re reaching out to churches because nearly every church community includes members with vacation properties or short-term rentals, and many have members who regularly travel using such accommodations. is a unique platform where your members can book nightly stays in their desired travel destinations, and hosts can list their properties. What sets us apart is that while major providers allocate their profits for various purposes, Lodge Lovers’ profits are committed to combating clergy burnout. We invite our host members to channel their blessings towards a greater purpose while still reaping profits.

Added benefits

Additionally, we offer an affiliate program that allows churches to provide a travel link on their website for members to book through. For every booking made using this link, Lodge Lovers donates 2.5% of the nightly rate cost back to the church. While we encourage this donation to support clergy wellness, it can also be directed towards advancing the message of Jesus Christ, in accordance with the church’s guidance. Click here to request an affiliate link today!

Serving clergy

Clergy membership applications are open on! We currently have over 30 donating properties with more added weekly, and over 200 clergy members. You can help us build our inventory by sharing Be Still bnb’s mission with everyone in your church who has property they could list or individuals you know who travel for vacation.

A greater cause

Hosts need to understand that fighting clergy burnout impacts not just the pastor or missionary they are hosting, but every ministry these individuals serve. By supporting this cause, you are contributing to endeavors such as combating human trafficking, supporting pregnancy resource centers, feeding the hungry, fighting homelessness, and caring for the widowed and orphaned. Our church leaders are integral to these missions, and we can play our part in keeping them in the fight.

Be Still bnb is live on, list your property now!

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PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: If you have travel plans, consider booking a short-term rental through Be Still bnb. Their mission is to fight clergy burnout. Have a short-term rental of your own? Be sure to get it listed with Be Still bnb today.


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A host perspective

You are one of us. Join us in providing rest for Church leaders at your property. This act becomes an investment in God’s kingdom and the communities being served.

Cory and Becky share their story of God’s calling on them to open their home for clergy rest!