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You literally hold the keys to have life-giving impact in your community.

Every community is impacted by the local church: food banks, foster care support, pregnancy resource centers, homeless ministries, alcohol and drug prevention and control programs, anti-human trafficking ministries, counseling/coaching, etc.

Christian clergy (church leaders, vocational missionaries) who create, oversee and maintain these community programs are at high risk of burnout (2022 Barna Group polls show 42% of pastors have considered quitting).

Offering free windows of respite for Christian clergy at your short-term rental fights clergy burnout by providing a space for distraction-free down-time, setting the table for these leaders to connect with God, their spouse, and family.

Be Still bnb, powered by gives you the tools to host the paying public and also donate nights to Christian clergy in the same calendar, which you can sync across all other platforms.

Joining is easy:

  • Create your account.
  • List your property.
  • Connect your pay-out account via Stripe.
  • Set availability and donated nights in your Generosity Calendar.

Lodge Lovers goes to work promoting your property listing to the public, presents your donated listings to approved Christian clergy members, and rewards your generosity with reduced service fees. Your donations are tax-deductible in part, recorded in a printable contribution report in your account by Be Still, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Tired of feeling like a squeezed cash cow on Airbnb and Vrbo?

Disgusted to know the service fees paid to these big OTAs go towards causes you don’t align with?

Join the growing network of hosts rallying around a purpose.

Be Still bnb, powered by

Where you can make more profit, knowing the platform funds causes you align with.

Be Still bnb is a program of Be Still, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that exists to fight Christian clergy burnout. Founded by Jesse (President) and Lindsay (Vice President) Urban, based in Plainfield, WI. Jesse and Lindsay left the cranberry industry when God called their attention to the growing rate of clergy burnout. They sold all they had to build Be Still Retreats, a free retreat facility in Plainfield, WI serving 1200 guests per year. Upon seeing the impact of offering free respite to Christian clergy, Be Still bnb was created as a global effort to build a network of more free places of respite for clergy all around the world.

Lodge Lovers, LLC was founded by James Brunt (President) and Josh Ellis (CEO) as the premiere platform for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Lodge Lovers is based in Temperance, MI. James is a former FBI agent and entrepreneur, Josh is the senior pastor of New Life Church in Petersburg, MI. Lodge Lovers, LLC entered into a collaboration agreement with Be Still, Inc. in 2023.

Be Still bnb is live on, list your property now!

Let’s get a rolling start!

There are more than 1000 properties already on with the option to host clergy. Add yours to the platform now! We currently have over 250 clergy members active on!

  • List your property on

  • Follow the onboarding steps
  • Activate your Generosity Calendar
  • Select donated nights in your Generosity Calendar

Lodge Lovers will continue onboarding hosts and their amazing customer service team is always available to help those wishing to bless Church leaders prepare for bookings as needed. Be Still will handle onboarding Church leaders and providing “rest resources” for those being served.

You are one of us – setting the table for rest

At Be Still, a heartfelt response to the rising pastor burnout crisis led us to partner with fellow believers to expand our mission. By creating spaces for rest and God’s presence, we offer respite for exhausted church leaders. Similar to setting a table for an honored guest, we prepare an environment for spiritual rejuvenation. A missionary shared her profound experience of finding solace with us, revealing the transformative impact of our safe haven. We humbly facilitate these encounters, believing in God’s authentic intervention. Those who join us in listing properties become part of this movement against burnout, answering a call to support and surround those in need. Be Still isn’t just a concept; it’s a collaborative mission of people dedicated to this cause.

Becoming a host on Be Still bnb through is easy!

Here are a couple tutorials to show how to donate nights to clergy after you have your property listed.

A host perspective

You are one of us. Join us in providing rest for Church leaders at your property. This act becomes an investment in God’s kingdom and the communities being served.

Cory and Becky share their story of God’s calling on them to open their home for clergy rest!

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