You know what’s exhausting? Cancel culture. Ulterior Motives. Politics.
And you know what we are advocates of? Rest.
The cool part about listing or booking with Be Still is that we are what we are, no smoke and mirrors needed. We are advocates for Church leaders. We look to the Bible as Truth. We hold to Jesus as the asnwer. Our platform transcends the sandbox of politics in order to keep our eyes on the big picture, and that “big picture” is doing our part in supporting the body of Christ by strategically creating opportunities for rest for Church leaders.
In an era of constant chaos, we see peace.
In a climate of screaming to be heard, we see whispering, knowing we are heard.
In a world that is scrambling to keep up with the latest ideologies, we hold to the timeless truths in scripture.
When you engage with us, your money goes towards the wellbeing of the Church leaders in our communities. And the awesome part is, it’s a ripple effect. When our pastors are taken care of, our communities benefit. When missionaries are refreshed, so are their ministries overseas. By meeting practical needs in the lives of clergy, we are facilitating the sustainable ministries that put God’s love on display and subsequently meet the needs of countless more.