I recently took a retreat at Be Still during a sabbatical leave from my ministry position of 16 years. In my prayer times before coming to Be Still, I’d been reminded of a specific image God had given me a couple of years prior: the image of Jesus standing in a sunny field, beckoning me to join Him and saying to me, “Come and play!” At the time I originally received the image, I felt too weighed down with responsibilities and burdens to know how to accept His invitation.

…I drove out to Be Still and checked into my cabin. When I walked through the front door and saw what was in front of me, my jaw dropped.

I was floored to see the words “playinfield” as the Wi-Fi password for my cabin. It was like a huge wink from God, a confirmation of the invitation I’d been hearing quietly all along, but now it was written down on paper and staring me in the face. I experienced it as God’s firm invitation to release my burdens to Him and join Jesus in a season of more lightness, rest, and play. I praise God for the way He spoke to me during my time at Be Still through something as simple as a Wi-Fi password!