“My eyes welled with tears remembering that sacred space I experienced in that cabin. Those four days were so sacred. That space was safe. I could cry. I could laugh… and then I could cry some more. There was permission and grace to feel whatever I was feeling. There I found and felt true rest. My worship playlist was on repeat. As I have now been on the field for six months, hearing that same playlist brought back that feeling of yearning to be in that space again. I am so so grateful for Be Still. You can physically feel the change in atmosphere as you walk onto that lot of land. That place is covered in prayer and it shows. Before I booked my stay I thought that four days was going to be too long…. because how can one person spend that much time just with Jesus?? But by check out time I was yearning for more time. I met with God in such an intimate and sacred way that I hadn’t been able to do in a long time. Thank you so much for the ministry that you have built. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you for providing this safe space.” ~JH