“Thanks so much for letting us stay here. It is wonderful, magical; might be my favorite place. So quiet and yet alive with animals and plants and sky. So beautiful. This place has been a haven, a safe place, a place for recovery. So thank you for following God’s call to start it. At the same time, I pray you enjoy it (and life) and continue to take steps where He is leading. Sometimes because we are hearing such great things from others about what God is doing through us, we cant receive the life He wants for us. If that is ever the case, I pray that you know you are just as important as everybody and God wishes love and joy and rest for you as well. He wishes more for you and us than we know and He can accomplish everything with or without us. It is, of course a great thing to be with and part of His works. I pray that you let God take you where He desires for His great purposes when He wishes.” ~DM